🍼 The 100 McKnights (100 Baby Challenge) #00 – Introduction



I’m back and I decided to start off with the 100 Baby Challenge, a challenge I’ve attempted about eight times but have yet to finish. This time, I’m determined. I’m gonna take it slow and get this challenge done c:


Meet Amara McKnight, a woman who wishes to give the gift of life to sims that are unable to have children. If she is able to produce 100 offspring, she’ll be rewarded with Β§50,000 for her services in the community.

She dreams of being a Aspiration TS4 Painter ExtraordinairePainter Extraordinaire and she is Trait TS4 Creative creative, a Trait TS4 Cat Lover cat-lover, and Trait TS4 Romantic romantic.


Her journey begins in Del Sol Valley, Mirage Park.

How will her journey pan out?


🍼 Basic Rules

  1. Make money by collecting, painting, etc.
  2. No jobs unless they are work from home.
  3. Can only use a sim once to father a child.
  4. Toddler traits randomized; Other traits randomized via Legacy Generator.
  5. Babies can only age up on their birthday.
  6. Toddlers can only age up after reaching skill level 3 in all skills.
  7. Children can only age up after getting an A in school.
  8. Teens can only age up after getting an A in school and being in trait range.
  9. Young Adults are moved out to make more room.
  10. Rinse and repeat.


🍼 Table of Contents



So I’m looking through the challenges and thinking about starting one or two (and not five million at once lol). I’m trying to decide if I should remove my old stories since I can’t finish them? Or maybe move them to a different WordPress as an archive hmm Thoughts?

Either way, I hope to get a new series started very soon ^.^/

I’m Back?

Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in and say that I got my computer fixed and it’s back up and running, but… well, I lost everything >~< So, I don’t really feel motivated to start over just yet. Give me some time and I’ll be back, hopefully better than before! Thanks for understanding guys ❀

Much love,

xoxo Rain

Bad News

Something has happened with my computer and I don’t know how to fix it, I can’t even boot it up! I don’t know if people actually read or enjoy my stories, but I don’t know if it can be fixed or when. It might have to be wiped, which means all of my screenshots, saves, and various other important things will be gone forever…

I honestly want to cry right now.

πŸ“‘ Table of Contents


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Okay so, having a bunch of different tables of contents and going back and forth trying to remember to keep them all updated is stressful for me, so I decided to make one ToC with everything listed together so I just have one thing to edit when I update my stories. I also decided to make it a post instead of a page because I think it looks better lol

If you want to quickly find a title, just use CTRL + F and if you find a broken or missing link, please feel free to let me know so I can fix it! I’m only human, so I tend to overlook things and make lots of mistakes haha Shorts will be posted at the bottom of the list.

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