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Flawsome Sims was created on November 25th, 2019. I had another Sims blog once upon a time, but when I lost all of my saves after switching computers, I couldn’t bring myself to go back to that blog, plus I didn’t really like the name. So here I am with a brand-spanking-new blog and full of ideas for stories and playthroughs! ^~^ Here, I will post a list of challenges I want to undertake, playthroughs, simlit, and more! Hopefully, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy and maybe I can make some Sims 4 friends since I have none lol

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Hello, my name is Rain and I’m the creator ofΒ Flawsome Sims. Currently, I’m 26 years old, as of 2019, and I’ve been playing the sims for a really long time and my main game is the Sims 4. Actually, I hated TS4 when it first came out and I regretted buying it because it was so different from TS3, but I eventually fell in love and now I’m hooked haha The three traits I best describe for myself areΒ Cat Lover,Β Music Lover, andΒ Creative. I love to write, I’ve been writing fanfiction since I was about thirteen years old – I started on Quizilla!

In my personal life, I suffer from an anxiety disorder, depression and agoraphobia. Because of these issues, I spent a lot of time alone and rarely leave my house. Unable to work, I have a lot of free time on my hands. I tend to dive headfirst into things and get obsessed for months at a time, but then my interest slowly dies down as I get obsessed with something else. This usually results in a long absence from things lol I’m a pretty open book, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask πŸ™‚

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If you’d like to get to know me some more, here are some places that you can find me. The best option is probably on discord since it’s always up and running on both my PC and phone. All links will open up in a new tab.

  • Follow my Simblr/Tumblr blog~
  • My Sims Forum profile page~
  • Ask me anything on Tellonym~
  • My Discord ID; AnnoyingTiger888#5012~
  • My Origin ID; AnnoyingTiger888~
  • Check out my Fanfiction blog on WordPress~
  • Or take a look at my Wattpad~
  • Alternatively, you can check out my Quotev~
  • My PSN; AnnoyingTiger888 (haven’t been on in a few months)

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I do not own the Sims 4. The Sims 4 is owned by Electronic Arts. All sims were created by Electronic Arts unless otherwise stated. I use the following mods in my game: MC Command Center & Risky Woohoo, along with various custom clothes and hair that I did not create.

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