I’m A Black Widow Baby (IABWB) 🔪 Day 21


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◤◢◣◥◤ ◢◣◆◢◣◥◤◢◣◥

Huh, maybe he’s not as big of a nerd as I originally thought. 🤔


He’s definitely gonna have to pay for attacking you, though.

Shall we make him suffer for a bit?


Ah, yes, the good ‘ol Simray. Let’s cool this hot-head off!


Now, let him cool off while you take care of your plants.

I wonder, who do you love more? The plants, the brats, or the bees?

Yeah, I agree. The plants don’t bother you, but the other two do!


Lia legit invited Mischief out to the park just so she could kiss her passionately and then leave her hanging.

Sheesh, this chick is somethin’ else (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง


Well, let’s go home I guess.

Duane is still alive? Hmm, it does take some time for them to freeze to death and we ain’t got the patience for all that 🚂🚂


Let’s break him out of the ice and then warm him up *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

We’re so kind


Let Grim do his thing and go tend to the bees because they are being all angsty again


Death: “Can’t say I didn’t warn him,” *shrug*

Mischief: “You sure did!” *giggles* “So strong and manly, Grim~”


Lia: “Are you… flirting with the Grim Reaper??”

Mischief: “Of course not, silly. I love you, remember~”


Death: *huffs*

Mischief: “Aww, don’t be like that, boo~ You’ll always be special in my heart!”


Lia: “I can’t believe this, I thought you loved me! You promised we’d be together after you got rid of Duane!”

Mischief: “Oh, darling, I -”

Lia: “Save it!”


Oh, snip snap piddly wack, she feisty!

Mischief: *pouts* “Don’t be like that, darling. Grim has done a lot for me, but you’ll always be my number one. You’re nothing like those men that I was with. You’re top tier! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)”

Ooo girl, she proposin’!


Lia said yes, of course.

Man, Mischief, you’re too charming for your own good!


Lia: “You’re the love of my life, Mischief Westfall.”

Too bad she was too busy snuggling Mischief’s neck to see the sadistic smile she sent over to Grim.

◣◥◤◢◣ ◥◤◆◥◤◢◣◥◤◢

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