NOTE: This happened last night and this is what I posted to tumblr to “rant” about what had happened. Lots of bad language and the ramblings of a crazy person xD


Okay so, sit down and grab your popcorn, mama’s got a story to tell! Picture it, Sicily, 1993.

I was playing my legacy save, The Story of Us: the Winchester Legacy, and I was going for a good 3+ hours straight right, and I have no idea when I last saved. I got so much fucking progress done, too, but then…

Shit went down, fam.

She took a picture with her boyfriend to celebrate harvestfest, but it kinda glitched out. The action kept canceling and I WANTED the picture so I kept making her try it when it went away.

FINALLY, they took a picture together and it was hella cute, right? Now, it’s almost 3am at this point and I’m tired but I want to read before sleep so I decide to call it a night.


The game wants to be a lil bitch, right? IT WON’T FECKIN’ SAVE BECAUSE IT THINKS SHE’S STILL TAKING A PHOTO.

So, I try resetting her. Nada.

I try resetting her with the resetSim command. Zilch.

I try leaving the lot. Can’t travel.

I tried volunteering. Didn’t work.

I tried resetting the game options to default. Nope.

I tried resetting the camera. Uh-uh.

I tried selling the camera. Still nothing.

I tried modifying in cas but I couldn’t bring it up.

I tried entering build mode but I couldn’t bring that up, either.

I sat there for over five minutes going through the MCCC menus, nothin.

I brought the boyfriend over and reset him both ways. Nuh-uh.

Nothing. Fucking. Worked.

So by this point, I’m fucking panicking. I’m tired, my anxiety is rising and I just want to cry because 3 HOURS OF PROGRESS. I went to the forums, right? Tried googling the answer, no help, so I was gonna post my own BUT THERE’S NO NEW DISCUSSION BUTTON LIKE WTF?

So I go over to EA help as a last resort. I didn’t expect live chat to be open and someone to get to me in less than a minute – mind you, it’s like 10 till 3 in the morning where I’m at.

So, she introduces herself and asks the problem. I explain and she apologizes, right? And then she says the dreaded words – “Will you restart your game and tell me if the problem persists?”

NOW I’m starting to feel light-headed and the tears are building up because I’m a sensitive ass emotional ass lil bitch. I’m practically begging her, asking if there’s some other way, something, ANYTHING, we can try before that because I don’t wanna lose my legacy progress. And she says the more dreaded words – “there’s nothing I can do while the game is running”

Okay, fine. Sure. You’re the professional.

My ass knows what’s gonna happen but I don’t have many options here, do I? So I hit exit and the even MORE dreaded “warning: you may lose progress because the game can’t be saved!” bullshit pops up and now my head is fucking SWIMMING.

I’m ready to just say fuck it and crawl under the covers and DIE bro, but I don’t wanna be rude and just leave the chat when this lady is trying to help. So I boot up the game again. Bring up the last save.


My progress wasn’t fucking lost, ya’ll. IT WAS STILL THERE.

I felt like the weight of the world was just picked up off me by iron man, okay. THE RELIEF I FUCKIN’ FELT AT THAT MOMENT. And then the lady was all like, “I’m happy to have talked to a player like you as my last customer” or some shit, I don’t really remember but it was kinda weird to say, but whateva.

To be completely honest, I think the ONLY reason my progress was saved was because, in my panic, I enabled auto-save with MCCC and changed it to every sim hour. I don’t know if that did it or not, but it’s a feckin’ miracle okay.

Ya’ll, I’m so tired right now.

I’mma go die. Bai~

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