Ett Hundra 👶 4) Baby #1


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Another day, another beautiful park community area. The world is a beautiful place~


Since she has her next father lined up, she can relax until her baby is born.


Unfortunately, she’s been neglecting her spellcraft training while trying to line up future fathers, so she takes some time to try and learn a new spell. Although her skill has improved, she hadn’t quite mastered the next spell in her training. Don’t give up, Eden!


Being evil, she likes the misery of others and she likes having enemies, especially when those enemies are female! There’s no real reason why she chose this woman, she just happened to be the first person that Eden saw. Ah, it feels good to have a new enemy!


It’s finally time! Eden has gone into labor. What kind of child will she bring into the world first?


It’s a baby girl which she names Cecilia Rocca. I hope you’re ready to miss sleep!


She brought Dennis over to try for a baby and he instantly gravitated toward the infant. It seems he has a soft spot for children, even ones that don’t belong to him!

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