✎ No Pants (A Sims 4 Short Story) ✓


Genre: Slice of Life, Family, Comedy 🦙
Word Count
: 666 🦙
Series Tie-In: None 🦙
Warnings: None 🦙
Prompt: “Is there any particular reason you’re not wearing pants?” “The monster under my bed had a date.” 🦙
Written: 01/03/20 🦙


I’ve looked everywhere for the pic that this prompt came from but I can’t find the soure. There’s no watermark on the image and I tried an image search and a text search but I just couldn’t find it :/ If anyone knows the source, please let me know! Harley was created by CXonor13 but I changed her a bit for this story because I really liked the thought of Domestic! Harley from Suicide Squad.

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