✎ CJ Bonnaview (A Sims 4 Short Story) #MSSSC ✓


Genre: Biography, Family, Slice of Life 🦙
Word Count
: 792 🦙
Series Tie-In: None 🦙
Warnings: None 🦙
Prompt: New (from the MSSSC January ’20) 🦙
Written: o1/o5/20 🦙


So, we were tasked this month to create a new character and give them a backstory while stepping out of our comfort zone. I created CJ Bonnaview as the opposite of me – someone who loves attention, is attractive, and wants to be in the spotlight! I used no CC, which was a struggle for me lol and I have all of the packs except for the Moschino Stuff pack. I really hope this is up to standard because I had no idea what to do for this lol

I also filled out the PSD character profile that Lisabee posted but it wouldn’t save my answers so I just screenshotted them and uploaded to an album on Imgur which you can see here. I suck at character building and profiles but I did spend an hour filling it out so I wanted to share it 😛


  • Origin ID ~ AnnoyingTiger888
  • Name ~ MSLSS January
  • Tagged ~ MSSSC


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