📚 A Book A Week (ABAW) 2020, Week 2


I know this isn’t Sims related, but this is the main blog I’m currently dealing with on a daily basis so I figured here is the best place to post it! ^~^/ Hope you guys don’t mind~ I got this idea from SamAsASim who is doing the same thing. Basically, I’m going to try and read one book a week until the end of the year!

I have collected so many books because my dream is to own my own personal library one day, but I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I haven’t read most of them. I’m always too busy on my computer and reading on my computer gives me a headache, so I tend to avoid it, plus I love the feeling of having a physical book in my hands. Anyway, I would like to cross off these books on my list and become more well-read in the future!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and read your own books or encourage someone you know to do the same ^~^/ Happy reading! 📚

📚 Goodreads Links; ABAW 2020 Bookshelf / Books I’ve Read / Books I Own

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