🍼 The 100 McKnights (100 Baby Challenge) #09 – Failed Pregnancy?


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Amara wastes no time, making Rusty Patterson her next target. Here is them sharing their first kiss~


Rusty is active, a loner, and creative.


And for some reason, he wears funky glasses in the bedroom…


Meanwhile, Octavio is showing his troublesome side by making a mess in the kitchen. He stole the paint from Amara!


By the way, Amara forgot to get a picture with papa number three – Beth’s father! She took this one a little too late, but it still applies and she wants to share it in her album.


Landen has picked up his baby brother’s bad habits! Both boys got a firm scolding afterward.


Amara was unable to take a pregnancy test after spending the night with Rusty and, concerned that he was unable to impregnate her, she invited over Cameron in his place. The first thing he wanted to know was why she was eating food in the bathroom…


Despite being weirded out, he was happy to be spending time with her, since he developed a crush on her soon after meeting ~ Will she turn out to be pregnant with Rusty’s child? Or will Cameron have to step in and take spot number four?


🍼 Registry

  1. ♂️ Landen – Wild,
    • Cornelius Esparza / Kleptomaniac, Slob, Unflirty.
  2. ♂️ Octavio – Wild,
    • Aditya Kumar / Mean, Loner, Cat Lover.
  3. ♀️ Beth –
    • Simeon Silversweater / Snob, Gloomy, Geek.


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