Ett Hundra ๐Ÿ‘ถ 10) The Monster


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โ—คโ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅโ—ค โ—ขโ—ฃโ—†โ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅโ—คโ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅ

Imagine minding your own business, trying to get your magic up while ignoring your overly needy children when this pops up back to back…


Well, that escalated quickly, didn’t it? At least she’s making friends, I guess lol

Meanwhile, the girls are getting along well. They sat down and helped each other with their homework.


When they went to school, there was a pop up for Cecilia.


I also retook their childhood photos because I chose the large option and they don’t fit on the wall properly beside the other photos so I took them again.

Cecilia looks so take charge while Kimberly looks shy and reserved.


And, of course, she loves to make a mess.


The second set of twins aged up! Corbin is angelic, so hopefully, we won’t have much trouble from him. Also, the pointy ears?? Adorable!


Melinda, meanwhile, is a charmer!


Apparently, our house is possessed because the tablet decided it wanted to float in mid-air.


I also wanted to show this because I think it looks awesome! It was Cecilia’s school project. I didn’t even notice it until I saw the lights shining at night.


Here’s the updated list up to this point;

  1. Cecilia Rocca, F (๐ŸŒบ) > Wild > Slob > Artistic Prodigy (weak bl) / Paolo Rocca, YA, Bro/Music Lover/Active
  2. Kimberly Kim, F (๐ŸŒบ) > Clingy > Loves the Outdoors > Rambunctious Scamp (weak bl) / Dennis Kim โ€ , E, Perfectionist/Neat/Loves the Outdoors
  3. Kaden Hekekia, M (๐ŸŒบ) > Silly > ?? (weak bl)
  4. Joel Hekekia, M (๐ŸŒบ) > Silly > ?? (weak bl) / Ukupanipo Hekekia, YA, Self-Assured/Child of the Islands, Glutton
  5. Corbin Lobo, M (๐ŸŒบ) > Angelic > ?? (weak bl)
  6. Melinda Lobo, Fย (๐ŸŒบ) > Charmer > ?? (weak bl) / Diego Lobo, YA, Hot-Headed, Snob, Art Lover
  7. ??
    • ??

โ—ฃโ—ฅโ—คโ—ขโ—ฃ โ—ฅโ—คโ—†โ—ฅโ—คโ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅโ—คโ—ข

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