Mermadic ๐ŸŒŠ #1


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The house used in this series was created by MarmeladArt on the gallery. It’s called “Sulani Bungalow”.

โ—คโ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅโ—ค โ—ขโ—ฃโ—†โ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅโ—คโ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅ

Good evening and welcome, dear reader. You may call me S and I would like to tell you a story, so gather around the fireplace and let us begin. Let me first introduce you to the main character of this tale, a teenage girl named Berry Barlow, along with her father, Colin.


Betty is not just your average teenager, however, for she is aย mermaid.


Her mother was also a mermaid, and those genes were passed down to her. When she first discovered this about herself, she was lost and confused, but now she embraces it whole-heartedly. The river where she grew up was shallow and dirty, so being able to swim in the ocean brings about a happiness she never knew possible.

There is also no lack of exotic creatures with which she shares a deep connection.


On her first night on the isles of Sulani, the Elemental spirits came to visit her and her father. They proceeded to make themselves quite at home, and the two Barlows enjoyed their company.

Things were looking positive.


Unfortunately for her, the spirits denied her wishes to connect to them on a spiritual level, for she is no longer in tune with the island. Though they feel a twinge of guilt denying her birthright, they know it is not yet time.


Though she does feel saddened by this, she understands why she can not yet be accepted amongst them. Living away from the islands for seventeen years has taken its toll and she must reawaken the power that lies dormant within her. She needn’t ask how, for she knows it within her very soul.

Betty must strengthen the island before she can strengthen herself. And so, she waits for the spirits to take their leave, lest she insults them by leaving, before she takes a walk down the beach, keeping her eyes open for any trash that may linger there.


While doing so, she spies a group of sims farther down the beach. They seem to be doing the very same thing she is – collecting trash from the sand. However, she notices something peculiar.

Three sims are taunting the fourth sim, calling him names and even going so far as to shove him when he does not respond. Young Betty is left with a decision to make.


Betty is a good sim, which means she could never forgive herself if she simply walked away. She can not possibly stand by while such an injustice is being performed in front of her very eyes.

“Hey!” She calls out to them, a kind smile on her lips. “All of you are trying to achieve the same goal – cleaning up the beach! There’s no need to argue, is there?”


One of the sims, a girl with short, brunette hair replied, “We’re not here by choice.”

The second sim, a boy with spikey black hair added, “Yeah, we couldn’t care less about this place.”

The third sim, another boy with long brunette hair nodded, “We just want to sunbathe and relax. This is stupid,”

After saying their peace, the three turned and headed toward the rest of their group. Although they had said nothing bad about Betty herself, she felt as if each word were an arrow to her soul. How could she not, with such a strong connection to the islands? Seeing it in such a state, inhabited by people who care not for the island’s well-being, is quite a painful thing for her to stomach.

“I’m sorry,” the final sim mumbled, bowing his head full of blonde hair before scurrying off after them.

Confused and a bit down, Betty returned home. Her father instantly knew something was bothering her, so he sat her down on the couch and asked her to explain what was ailing her.

She did so without restraint.


“I don’t understand one bit. If they don’t care about our beaches, why were they scouring for trash? And how can they not care? Surely they will when the islands become unrepairable, but by then it’ll be too late! And that boy, why did he follow them after they harassed him? Sims are so strange!”

Colin did his best to keep up with her ranting, but alas, he got lost somewhere around the middle. She was known for her passionate ranting when it came to things close to her heart which, as it turns out, is most things, and the rate at which she spoke was quite fast when doing so. It’s only natural that he couldn’t keep up.

The random clicks, squeaks, and whistles she made between words due to her mermadic nature did little to help him keep track of her words. Even so, he waited patiently for her to finish before pulling her into a hug filled with fatherly warmth.


“There, there. I’m sure they were just having a bad day. Try not to let it bother you too much,”

“You’re right! I was too quick to judge. I’m sure they must have been combing the beach under the sun for hours. Surely that’s why they were in such a foul mood! Thank you, father.”

He chuckled, patting her atop the chicken hat she wore. It was something he had bought her during the fair when she was five-years-old and, to this day, it remains her most prized possession. “You should get some sleep. Your first day at Sulani high is tomorrow.”

“Oh yes, I nearly forgot about that! Goodnight, father!” She chirped happily, pecking him on the cheek before bounding toward her room, which was basically just a bed sitting on the deck with a roof to keep her bed dry should it rain. She has never liked being cooped up indoors, but the houses within Willow Creek never allowed such a thing.

Here in Sulani, however, most of the residences are open.


Sleep well, young Betty, for your journey has only just begun. Many obstacles still lay within your path, but you have the strength to overcome all. After all, you have the blood of a Sulanti within your veins, and you have the island spirits watching over you always.

โ—ฃโ—ฅโ—คโ—ขโ—ฃ โ—ฅโ—คโ—†โ—ฅโ—คโ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅโ—คโ—ข

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