Heroic Generation 🛡️ G1, #1


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Before we begin, I want to thank missmelanie6 for posting the beautiful “Bunberra Breeze” house on the gallery, which I will be using for this challenge. Not sure if I’m gonna be moving or not later, but for now, the story takes place there! Also a special thanks to budget_zendaya for creating the Avengers Legacy challenge!

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Ronnie arrived at his new home in the residential town of Newcrest, feeling full of hope and excitement for his new life. He had just gotten a job in the military and he hopes to do some good in his new home town and brighten the lives of everyone he meets. More than anything, he wants to find the one that the creator made just for him.


Who is he exactly? His name is Ronnie Marvello and he’s spent his years traveling around the globe to assist other sims with whatever they may need, but now that he’s a young adult, he’s decided he wants to settle down into a home of his own and search for his soulmate. Even if he isn’t traveling around, he can still spread positivity and love.


After getting settled into his new home and exploring the property, he decides to head for his daily jog. Not only is his athletic abilities needed for his job in the military, but he also finds it helps him to focus and stay sharp to go for a jog every single day.


During his jog, he harvests some plants and decides to plant the seeds in the back of the property. After buying his house, Ronnie was left with only forty-one simoleons to his name, and we all know that’s not enough to live off of. He’s never done much gardening in his time, but he’s never opposed to learning a new skill.


After returning home, he headed straight for his workout room, which doubles as a painting room. Working out just makes him feel so happy and inspired, he just can’t stop until his muscles are screaming at him to take a break.


He was halfway through pushing his limits when someone knocked on the door. It was a young woman named Dina Caliente and she had come to welcome him to the neighborhood. Being the good guy he is, he immediately greeted her with a bright smile and a military salute.


“Hello, ma’am!” He saluted her, as he did with every sim he met.

“Um, I’m not in the military, no need to salute me.” She smiled wearily, not sure how to respond. “You don’t have to call me ma’am, either. Dina is fine.”

“Dina,” he tested her name and liked the way it tasted on his tongue. “I’m Ronnie Marvello! Please, come in. I was just in the middle of my set. Do you mind if I continue?”

“Your set?” She questioned, following the man into the workout room. Her eyes watched him as he sat down on the machine. “Oh, a workout set. Please continue, don’t mind me.”


She kept him company while he continued his set and the two of them talked about everything under the sun. She had a warm, gentle aura about her, one that he was immediately attracted to. Ronnie couldn’t help but wonder – what if she’s the one? The thought made his heart soar.

An hour passed before she had to return home. The encounter left him feeling inspired, so he decided to work on his newly found passion for painting – something he discovered over in Dragon Valley when he met a young boy that painted portraits on the street for two simoleons each.


The smell of sweat and masculinity didn’t even bother him – that’s how engrossed he became in the painting. He didn’t even know what he was trying to paint. He simply let the brush glide across the canvas until a picture had been made.


Simple, amateurish even, but he was satisfied with the result. He knows, after all, that he is no Simcaso and he doesn’t expect to make masterpieces, but he enjoys the journey rather than the destination, something which most sims take for granted.

Ronnie hopped into a warm bath before heading into the kitchen to make the first meal in his new home.


He chose to make some Pan de Muerto – a recipe he had learned during his travels. He had made it a few times in the past, but always with a sim at his side to guide him in how to properly prepare the bread. This would be his first time cooking it alone, which seems fitting for his first meal during his first night in the house.


He used a little too much sugar and made it a bit too sweet, but overall, he’s satisfied with the way it turned out. Today was a good day for him, and Ronnie can’t help but wonder what else the future holds for him. The thought of all the good things he wants to do makes him feel quite giddy.

◣◥◤◢◣ ◥◤◆◥◤◢◣◥◤◢

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