Ett Hundra πŸ‘Ά 8) First Child


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Eden is working on her aspiration of increasing her magic! She’s still sick, though.


The twins aged up and they are after my heart β™‘β™‘ Here is Kaden, who got theΒ Silly trait.


And here’s the young twin, Joel! He also got theΒ Silly trait.


They’re so adorable, ahhh


Have to have some embarrassing bath shots, ya know?


Cecilia finally got her skills up and now she’s aging up!


What happened to the blue hair, I wonder? πŸ€” The trait that was selected for her isΒ Slob. Guess we’re not getting help from her with the housework lol The aspiration selected is Artistic Prodigy.


I decided to buy this… playset? I don’t even know, but Kimberly seems to be enjoying it.


I also bought this photo studio so I can take these cool pics of the kids when they become, well, kids! I chose the sky backdrop.


And more bath shots!


Here’s the updated list up to this point;

  1. Cecilia Rocca, F (🌺) > Wild > Slob > Artistic Prodigy (weak bloodline)
    • Paolo Rocca, YA, Bro/Music Lover/Active
  2. Kimberly Kim, F (🌺) > Clingy > ?? (weak bloodline)
    • Dennis Kim †, E, Perfectionist/Neat/Loves the Outdoors
  3. Kaden Hekekia, M (🌺) > Silly > ?? (weak bloodline)
  4. Joel Hekekia, M (🌺) > Silly > ?? (weak bloodline)
    • Ukupanipo Hekekia, YA, Self-Assured/Child of the Islands, Glutton
  5. ??
    • Diego Lobo, YA, Hot-Headed, Snob, Art Lover

β—£β—₯β—€β—’β—£ β—₯β—€β—†β—₯β—€β—’β—£β—₯β—€β—’

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