Ett Hundra ๐Ÿ‘ถ 7) Twins


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โ—คโ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅโ—ค โ—ขโ—ฃโ—†โ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅโ—คโ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅ

So, this chapter isn’t starting off on a very high note. Poor Dennis died, leaving behind Kimberly ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Just a day before she aged up, too! She’s now a clingy toddler.


Not the best way to start off your toddlerhood, but it could be worse… right?


Baby #3 has been born, his name is Kaden~


Oh, it’s twins! Another boy named Joel~


She got right to it and got pregnant again pretty quick.


Daddy #4 is Diego Lobo, a young adult hot-headed snob and art lover!


Now, this is kind of meta and terrifying, but also kind of cool.


I knew bringing Patchy in would be a good idea. Look at him playing with Cecilia c:


Uh-oh, Eden is feeling a bit under the weather


Here’s the updated list up to this point;

  1. Cecilia Rocca, F (๐ŸŒบ) > Wild > ?? (weak bloodline)
    • Paolo Rocca, YA, Bro/Music Lover/Active
  2. Kimberly Kim, F (๐ŸŒบ) > Clingy > ?? (weak bloodline)
    • Dennis Kim โ€ , E, Perfectionist/Neat/Loves the Outdoors
  3. Kaden Hekekia, M (๐ŸŒบ) > ??
  4. Joel Hekekia, M (๐ŸŒบ) > ??
    • Ukupanipo Hekekia, YA, Self-Assured/Child of the Islands, Glutton
  5. ??
    • Diego Lobo, YA, Hot-Headed, Snob, Art Lover

I should mention that my seasons were set to 14 days but I just recently changed it to 7 days, which is why there are so many Spring babies!

โ—ฃโ—ฅโ—คโ—ขโ—ฃ โ—ฅโ—คโ—†โ—ฅโ—คโ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅโ—คโ—ข

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