Ett Hundra 👶 5) First Toddler


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After a rousing night with Dennis, she found out she’s pregnant! Baby number two is in the oven ^~^


Dennis Kim may be an elder, but he’s still full of life~ He’s a perfectionist, neat, and loves the outdoors.


Eden, darling, I know you’re the bringer of bad luck, but you’re not supposed to open an umbrella indoors! You always have been one to tempt fate.


One last feeding before she ages up.


We have our first toddler! Cecilia is a wild child that was born in Spring~


She immediately went to the stuffed cat toy. Is she going to be a future cat lover?


The toilet broke and she doesn’t have the simoleons to spare to hire a repairman, but it’s okay. Eden if a smart sim that doesn’t need anyone to help her out.


She also has to maintain her garden for when she can afford a cauldron!


She’s pretty cute, don’t you think? And she’s happy to have a sammich for dinner!


Patchy came to life! Having him around can be a real big help with the kiddos, if he’s willing to help out that is.


Eden went to take a relaxing bath and Cecilia followed her inside, plopping down onto the tile to play with her favorite toy. I admit, it’s kinda cute~


You’re supposed to eat the food not play with it! What a mess… At least Eden is a neat sim that feels happy when she cleans!

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