I’m A Black Widow Baby (IABWB) πŸ”ͺ Day 11


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β—€β—’β—£β—₯β—€ β—’β—£β—†β—’β—£β—₯β—€β—’β—£β—₯


Look at dem SKILLZ, girl! Where did you learn to cook like that?

Oh, right, Rordon Gamsay, right right.


If you want to command an army of bees, you must keep them mite free and happy. Of course, when they are irritated, it’s best to wear a bee suit so you don’t, you know,Β die.


A calming dip in the pool, the smell of cherry blossoms floating through the air as they dance on top of the water.

Live your best life, girl.


Now knock it off and get back to work, we have a challenge to complete here, ya know. Today is gonna be a busy day, we have to make up for the days that Father Winter took from us by refusing the feckin’ die!


Ooo~ Sage is making a move, huh? He must have a serious death wish. Who are we to deny him such a thing?


A sweet kiss for a sweet man. Now it’s time to elope!


Now that you’ve eloped, we still have some daylight! Let’s host a dinner party and get this train rolling~


Look at all these guests! You’ve made quite a few connections, girl.

Good. If you have friends, they can’t think bad of you, hmm? (β˜žοΎŸβˆ€οΎŸ)☞


You caught Makoa’s eye and he wants to have a little chat with you. I wonder where this will lead (Β¬β€ΏΒ¬)


Mischief, you little minx. Flirting with Makoa behind Sage’s back…


Tsk, tsk.



Sage, why did you choose this exact moment to walk in on them? Oh no, Mischief must feelΒ so~ bad for cheating on you! β™ͺ~ α••(ᐛ)α•—


While Mischief is working through husbands, Vlad is just over here living his best life, waiting for her to finish this challenge so he can claim her as his eternal bride.



Sorry Sage, but your life just came to a shocking end!


Jeez, Mischief, at least pretend to be sad that you got married and lost your husband in the same day ( ΰ²  ΝœΚ–ΰ²°ΰ³ƒ)

People must think you’re so unlucky~!

β—£β—₯β—€β—’β—£ β—₯β—€β—†β—₯β—€β—’β—£β—₯β—€β—’

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