Ett Hundra 👶 2) Siren


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Even though she’s pregnant, there’s no time to rest. Being new in town means she needs to make some new connections and meet more men.


She chose a cafe for this and it worked out well! She was able to meet many people and several potential fathers.


She even met a celebrity, who she tried to impress with a song. Too bad she’s a succubus and not a siren because the celebrity was not impressed. But hey, good effort, Eden!


Bjorn was telling her a dramatic tale and got a bit too into it, his hand smacking against her breast. He was embarrassed about this, but she just laughed him off, telling him that it was okay. What a nice man.


With the Humor and Hijinks festival in town, she knows this is a good opportunity to make some bonds. Being the evil sim that she is, of course, she has to choose the Pranksters team.


Now she gets to spread her misfortune without fear – it’s for the festival, after all!


Does Eden have past dreams of being a siren? She seems to enjoy singing, even though her skill in doing so is quite deplorable.


At least someone appreciates the effort, offering her a few simoleons for her attempt at singing!


Eden closes off the night with the Pranksters winning the contest! She returns home in high spirits despite the pain in her lower back. Oh, Eden, it’s only going to get worse as you slip into your second trimester, but you’re a strong woman.

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