I’m A Black Widow Baby (IABWB) ๐Ÿ”ช Day 1


| ๐Ÿ“‘ Table of Contents |

โ—คโ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅโ—ค โ—ขโ—ฃโ—†โ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅโ—คโ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅ

Mischief Westfall arrived in Sulani feeling confident and ready to rule the world.


But first, she has to take a swim in the warm ocean water!


Oh, what’s this? Mischief has spotted her first husband to be!


His name is Ukupanipo Hekekia, a local on the island and he’s single! Score~ Time to turn on the charm, Mischief!



Now that the fish has been hooked, it’s time to start reeling in the line! These two lovebirds head out for a date at the Sand Bar and it takes little convincing to get him to be her boyfriend! Can you blame him? Just look at this babe~



Hey, wait a minute! Who is this woman and why is she trying to come between this couple to be? She’s lucky Mischief isn’t a jealous person!


The best way to build a relationship? All of the experts agree – it’s cloud gazing!


After a successful date and earning herself a new boo, Mischief returns home to refill her energy with some grub! Too bad she never paid attention during Home Ec in high school.


Before signing off for the night, she decides to check the fish trap for some goodies to sell because MONEY!!


What’s that in the sand?



What a beautiful shell! It doesn’t sell for much, but money is money, friends.


What a long day, huh, Mischief? Sleep well, girl, tomorrow is gonna be eventful!

โ—ฃโ—ฅโ—คโ—ขโ—ฃ โ—ฅโ—คโ—†โ—ฅโ—คโ—ขโ—ฃโ—ฅโ—คโ—ข

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