Flawsome Blaise 😈 S1, Ch.8: Partners


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Blaise was working on a new novel when her phone buzzed on desk beside her. She ignored it at first, too engrossed in the words on the computer screen, but it started to buzz again, efficiently breaking her concentration. With a scowl, she grabbed the phone and opened up the message from Heriberto.


She was about to type a reply when a knocking on the front door echoed throughout the apartment. With a huff, she put her phone down and headed for the door, pulling it open. Heriberto stood in front of the door, a sheepish look on his face, but that isn’t what made her take pause. No, it was the fact that he was wearing nothing but a fluffy white towel around his waist, the cloth seeming to glow against his dark purple skin.


“Really sorry to bother you like this, my dear, but you see, I have an important meeting in an hour and the hot water is out at my place. Normally, I don’t mind a cold shower, but with the heating in the building being spotty at best, I’d rather not risk getting sick.”

She hummed, her eyes raking across his torso. He was definitely a nice piece of candy to look at, “Sure, I don’t mind. I’ll probably head down and grab some food while you shower. Don’t go through my shit.”

He put his hand over his heart with a smile, “I would never, my dear.” Heriberto reached forward, his chapped lips pressing against her cheek before he entered the apartment, heading straight for the bathroom.

She closed the door behind her and took the elevator to the ground floor. Since it was one in the afternoon on a Wednesday, the common area outside was nearly deserted, just a few people lingering about. It gave her the chance to admire the beauty around her.


She hummed,Β ‘I wasn’t sure what to expect when I moved to the big city, but this ain’t so bad. The people are fun to torment and the scenery is nice to look at. This was a good choice, moving here.’


And then a sim has to come by and ruin the peace she was feeling. With a scowl, she turned toward the woman approaching her, “Landgraab.”

The woman’s body was shaking beneath the thin white tracksuit she wore, her skin turning a pale blue from the freezing temperatures, but she did her best to act tough in front of the younger girl. “You were late for work yesterday. Why?”

Blaise’s eyes narrowed as she folded her arms over her chest. “That’s none of your business,”

She scoffed. “I’m your partner, idiot. That makes it my business.”

She shrugged. “Sounds like a you problem,”


It’s not that Blaise hated Nancy Landgraab, they were co-workers after all, which required them to depend on one another during cases, but… well, Blaise just couldn’t stand Nancy’s face. Being a mean person by nature, she used this as an excuse to be aggressive toward the older woman, who generally just accepted it because she didn’t want to fight.

Nancy knew that Blaise’s arguments tended to get heated rather quickly and she didn’t stand a chance against the younger girl in actual combat – that much had been proven during their many sparing sessions.

β—£β—₯β—€β—’β—£ β—₯β—€β—†β—₯β—€β—’β—£β—₯β—€β—’

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