💻 Pen Pal Project (Information)



The Pen Pal project was started by CathyTea on the Sims Forums. Basically, you work together with other simmers and exchange letters between your sims. It seems like a lot of fun, and I’m excited to get into it ^~^ If you want to exchange letters with one of my sims, feel free to hit me up! The best place to reach me is discord.
Forum Profile / Discord; AnnoyingTiger888#5012

🎫 Jennifer Plevins (Application) 🎫

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Jennifer Plevins is a loner that finds it hard to interact with other sims. She lives in Willow Creek with her mother but she has big dreams of one day moving to San Myshuno to pursue her dream of being a bestselling author. For now, though, she is between jobs and hopes to use the pen pal project to make friends and grow as a person.

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  • Age: Young Adult, 26
  • Gender: Female
  • Lifestate: Sim
  • Current Status: Alive
  • Birthday: February 24th
  • Place of Birth: Willow Creek
  • Current Residence: Willow Creek
  • Occupation: Unemployed, Self-Published Author
  • Family: Paren Plevins (mother),
  • Traits: Loner, Creative, Geek
  • Aspiration: Bestselling Author
  • Biography:

Jennifer has spent most of her life living in her shell, not feeling comfortable around other sims and preferring to read and write rather than socialize. While she was comfortable like this growing up, as she got older, she started to feel her lack of friends, so she decides to one day check out a Pen Pal forum, where she hopes to make some friends and grow as a person. She dreams of being a bestselling author and does her best to make her dreams a reality.

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