😈 Flawsome Blaise (Information)


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Inspired by Call Me Kevin on YouTube, I wanted to create a single sim that could experience everything within the Sims 4 and get up to insane madness! Basically, my sim is going to be “immortal” and outlive everyone so she can experience and complete everything the wonderful world of sims has to offer! I’d like to document her journey here~

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Blaise grew up in the small town of Brindleton Bay and, for the most part, she was a normal child, but she often found herself getting into trouble. Whether it was breaking the law or breaking curfew, she was a wild child that couldn’t be tamed. She grew up in the orphanage, being an unwanted baby dropped off on their doorstep in the dead of winter. It is believed that this plays a role in her rebellious and troublesome nature.

Blaise had just turned sixteen when she first learned of the infamous cult leader, Jim Pickens. A girl had just moved to town from Oasis Springs, where the cult leader had begun his domination. Hearing the stories the girl told moved something within Blaise and she began to research and study his case and the various myths and legends that were floating around online. This drew the attention of several of his followers that were hiding in the shadows, waiting for his return.

They recruited her into their ranks, but when she learned that Jim himself was not there and that the ‘cult’ they were part of was just a glorified fanclub, she rejected their offer. Angered by this, they set fire to the orphanage late one night. Most of the children made it out without a problem, but two were burnt alive and three died from smoke inhalation on the way to the hospital.

Angered by this, Blaise returned to the ‘cult’ with a gun she had stolen from the security guard while he was busy trying to save the children. She shot and killed the entire group before fleeing from the scene of the crime where she hid in the woods for the next two weeks, stealing food and money whenever she could.

A man named Jacques Villareal caught her trying to pickpocket him and decided to take her under his wing, bringing her back with him to Windenburg. On her twentieth birthday, he sent her to San Myshuno to work under his compadre. This is where her story begins.

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♢ Blaise McLoughlin

  • Age: Young Adult, 20
  • Gender: Female
  • Lifestate: Sim (born)/Spellcaster (learned)
  • Current Status: Alive
  • Birthday: December 8th
  • Place of Birth: Brindleton Bay
  • Current Residence: San Myshuno
  • Occupation: Criminal
  • Family: Jacques Villareal (adopted father), Astra (pet/familiar)
  • Traits: Bro, Bookworm, Mean
  • Aspiration: Bestselling Author
  • Biography:

Unwanted by her parents, Blaise was abandoned at the Brindleton Bay orphanage when she was an infant. This is where she spent most of her life, getting into trouble and giving the adults a massive migraine. She has always been untamed and wild, constantly acting out and hating authority figures. When she was sixteen-years-old, she learned of the infamous Jim Pickens, a famous cult leader than had murdered thousands of people. Intrigued by him, she started to study him, thus gaining the attention of several people that linger within the darkness.

After the orphanage is burnt to the ground, Blaise runs away only to be taken in by crime lord, Jacques Villareal, where she was trained and taught the ways of being a criminal. Now, at age 20, she’s living on her own and forging her own path in life.


♢ Astra

  • Age: Adult
  • Gender: Male
  • Lifestate: Cat
  • Current Status: Alive
  • Traits: Aloof, Prowler, Clever
  • Biography:

Astra was adopted by Blaise when she was seventeen years old. Since then, he has remained at her side as a loyal companion and friend. Although he prefers to be left to his own devices, he will always be there for her when she needs him.

Astra is a very cat smart, able to understand everything Blaise says and often communicates back with various noises and meows, which she seems to understand. He is quite sassy and a bit entitled, often acting like he couldn’t care less about what’s happening around him, but his eyes are always open, his senses always on alert.

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