🏚️ EndEr ASylum * (Information)


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This is my take on the Asylum challenge. I’ll be loosely following the rules, but I won’t get too upset if I deviate from them. The first big change is that theΒ main sim, Aspen, is NOT erratic. She isn’t clinically insane and should not be in the asylum. The reason why will be explained later! I will only beΒ controlling Aspen – exceptions are to put them in their winter uniform, move them from their beds, and occassionally moving them for a screenshot. I choseΒ easy difficulty with the following restrictions;

  • I chose only to have a TV instead of both.
  • I ignored the bed rule and gave everyone a bed.
  • I ignored the seating rule.
  • 5 Skill items I chose: chess table, basketball hoop, easel, woodworking table, pipe organ. I will be exchanging these later on.
  • Personally, I don’t think asylum patients would be allowed a job, so I ignored this rule.

Another thing to mention is that instead ofΒ eight patients, I created seven patients and one administrator. She is the only one with a job and she works at the hospital. Basic rules of the house are as follows:

  1. Every patient must wake up at 6am. Beds are locked.
  2. Lights are turned off at 9:30pm and beds are unlocked.
  3. Every Wednesday at 12pm, the asylum patients are taken out. They return at 3:30pm.

Finally, this playthrough will be written in a journal type format where Aspen writes in her journal everyday to express what has happened within the asylum that day and how she’s feeling.

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Aspen Winterbrook has always been a bit of a gloomy child that prefers the pages of books over the company of others. Her parents always believed it was just teenage angst that she would grow out of, but when she graduates high school and gets fired from her job, her parents have had enough. They can’t deal with her anymore so they drop her off on someone else – Jane Waters at the EndEr ASylum *. Despite pleading with her parents, it’s already too late. She’s taken away from her home by a man in black and forced to live with seven strangers under a very watchful eye.

EndEr ASylum * is located in Newcrest which was abandoned 35 years ago after a radioactive explosion at the Newcrest Laboratory made the land uninhabitable. Five years ago, it was deemed safe enough for life again, but no one was willing to risk their lives. No one, that is, until Jane Waters appeared and decided to build an asylum there! An exerpt from the pamphlet:

(Here at EndEr ASylum *, we put the patients needs above all else while gently encouraging them to improve and be a better sim. Our psychiatrists are professionally trained to handle a wide range of mental issues and our staff is both kind and understanding. Rest assured that you are in a warm, safe environment where you can once again thrive. Heal at your own pace with the best equipement and furniture money can buy. We promise, you’ll be wondering if it’s secretly a resort!Β We’re here for you!)

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  • Deadrose Asylum by CrazyAlevyn (I did change it up quite a bit, but the original was built by this person).
  • ID cards from PSDFreebies.com
  • Old Yellow Paper Texture by fL0urish on DeviantArt (this will be used for patient records later on in the series).
  • Asylum Challenge by simswithcheese from the Sims Forums.

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and Jane!

All patients were made by rolling the random dice on pre-made sims three times and sticking with whatever they got. This includes traits (except for erratic), looks and names. Aspirations were chosen based on their traits. Ages were chosen based on whatever I felt fit. Rather than going for the gown, which I hate, I just chose a simple uniform for them with in-game clothes. The only different between outfits is the cold weather uniform so they don’t freeze.

Aspen is the main sim. She isn’t actually erratic and you will find out why her ID card corrected that later on in the story! Jane is the administrator that wanders the asylum to keep everyone in line.

If you’d like more in dept information about the patients, such as their backstories and such, let me know!

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I’ve seen this issue raised many times with other people’s playthroughs so let me go ahead and get this out of the way. I am in NO WAY making fun of mental illnesses or issues. I personally suffer from an anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, and depression, so I understand very well how distressing and damaging they can be.

However, this is just a game, just a challenge, just a story. Nothing more, nothing less. So if you’re an easily offended teacup, there’s a simple solution to this – just don’t read this story. Easy, right? Go on about your day and stop bothering people. It’s not that deep, fam.

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