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Mostly prompts from tumblr, which will be linked if I actually write out a fic. Feel free to borrow these ideas, but keep in mind that I may write my own version. I’m tired and it’s late and I want to read before going to sleep so I’ll edit this later and add what needs to be added lol

Child feels like she fails at everything she does and she breaks down. Her father comforts her and says “I see the spark in you. It’s amazing. Whatever you choose to do with it, you’ll be great.”

Boy is determined to prove his professor wrong and his BF is worried. “Just a few… more… lines.” “You’ve been at it all night. Take a break.”

“I’m not sure how many coffees it takes to be happy, but so far, it’s not twelve.”

A new family moves into Forgotten Hollow, starting a war with the Vatore siblings. “I fail to understand why any of this should make a difference to me.” “I swear, you have about as much compassion as a rock.”

Teen spends her allowance on comic books but sees a heavenly chocolate cake on the way home. “Would you be mad if I told you that I sold my soul for a chocolate cake?” “…how good was the cake?”

Boy wants to cook dinner for his BF to impress his dad who he is meeting for the first time, however, his shitty mac-n-cheese doesn’t go over well with his father, who happens to be a famous master chef.

She’s always been a stormchaser, so when a thunderstorm strikes, she wants to stop and admire it but her BF is terrified. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?!”

Two best friends sneak into a store to do an overnight challenge. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

Ted knew his wife would pop any day, but when she finally does, he goes into full on panic mode. “I am not prepared! I am far from being prepared!”

Girl cuts her finger while making a salad and screams bloody murder, making her GF run into the room. “I’m going to die!” “Oh, stop exaggerating.”

Two friends go out dancing for their birthday and a man catches one of their eye all night. They end up chatting and have a lot in commong, but her friend cautions her, “Never trust a man that can dance.”

Lena is bored of life so she decides she wants to join her childhood friend and become a criminal, but she’s surprised to find that there’s a strict application process and their standards are high.

When Dai brings home his boss for dinner, he didn’t expect his wife to click with him so easily and he finds himself growing jealous. Noticing this, she teases him after the fact. “I’m not jealous,”

After working hard to get promoted at work in order to forget her ex that broke her heart, she heads to a nice diner, only to find her ex there with a girl, laughing loudly. Desperate to show him that she, too, has moved on and is happy, she slides in across from an attractive man and says, “Just pretend to be my date.”

Girl suffers from bad social anxiety, something she had laid out on the table when she started dating her BF, but after a year of being together, he’s grown tired of her inability to be around other sims. “I’m not going to apologize for this. Not anymore.”

Two sims get locked in a haunted house overnight.

A young girl gets adopted by a family with a teen son, which she avoids like the plague. He is convinced she hates him but she just has PTSD from her biological brother, who was abusive and mean.